I’m Brian, I am the CEO of Assure Business Credit LLC

Im Brian and I am the CEO of Assure Business Credit LLC and I have 23 years of experience

Not only in the finance and lending industries but in the credit and collection industry’s as well.  I was trained to think like an underwriter from the very beginning of my career and know what lenders are looking for. Our experience will get you the best results in the quickest amount of time.  I also go through the process my self of any third party lender or broker I may work with so if it was a scam I found out myself and don’t and wont work with them.

Business owners know better than anyone that accessing sufficient working capital is not just important for success, but it is required for survival. While the competition for customers and market share will always be frenetic, the old saying “cash is king” is as true on today’s business landscape as it ever was. In fact, given that more than half of all businesses fail to reach their fifth anniversary, adequate short-term or long-term funding is arguably more urgent and essential than ever before.

We Know how to help

We offer multiple funding solutions, such as working capital loans, purchase order financing, business equipment financing and leasing services, commercial mortgage financing, business lines of credit (which can be excellent options for business that want readily available capital), and many others. We do not impose a “one size fits all” approach, because our clients are unique – and so are their financing needs & goals. 

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