Then you are not alone. Many business owners have been frustrated because of many reasons but mostly the reasons that keep most business owners from getting funded has more to do with how and with who they apply with.

The fact is banks are not lending high limit term loans right now. Covid-19 is the major culprit for why not. What banks are doing is allowing retail funding companies to underwrite loans to their guidelines and then depending on the market buy them from investors and bankers as long as the timing and market is correct.

Most of the general public either knows, or learns the hard way, that big banks are looking for a very specific customer. Great credit scores, high bank ratings, and a very obvious good history of paying large payments on high limit loans and credit cards. For example if you have 5 total accounts on your credit and 2 of them are $1000 limit credit cards 1 is a $499 charge card to Target, and 1 is a retail clothing store card of 800 your going to have a really difficult time getting approved for a $150,000 business term loan. Adding high Authorized User trade-lines in this case may also not matter because looking at the average limit of what is primary, it wouldn’t make sense.

What would make sense is adding an average size primary tradeline of a term loan of $20,000 to $25,000 and an Auto Loan primary because there is not currently an Auto Loan on the credit. As long as the primary trade-lines are aged enough, this should give the file a high enough credit score and credit profile to get approved. To be on the safe side you could even add a small revolving primary to make sure there is enough accounts as most lenders want to see 3 primary trade-lines older than 2 years and over at least $5,000.

When applying for business funding you also want as few inquiries as possible. Ideally you want zero but having 2-3 per report is ok.

If you are Looking for Aged Primary trade-lines contact Assure Business Credit LLC at (314) 218-8898, email

Brian Steen
Brian Steen

Brian is the CEO of Assure Business Credit and offers a number of credit products and funding solutions. For more information go to or call at (314) 218-8898 or email at:

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