Can Bloging Help Your Company's SEO


Blogging Help Your Company’s SEO

Writing and blogging offer incredible opportunities for those
with a knack for storytelling. As a blogger, you create content for yourself and
clients ranging from blog posts to
social media updates and newsletters.

The demand for quality content is high as businesses realize More and more
the importance of compelling content in connecting with their audience and
growing their business

LinkedIn, Facebook and other professional networking platforms can serve as valuable
resources for finding writing opportunities. With the ability to
set your own hours and work from virtually anywhere, blogging can
be an attractive side hustle or even a full-time career, providing
substantial income potential depending on your expertise and companies you decide to work with.

For the purposes of SEO, here’s a consideration. Instead of looking at what everybody else is trying to do, look at what they’re not doing.

90% of Success is Showing Up

TIP Try this. Audit some of your top competitor’s websites. Look at their on-page content, articles, and especially blogs. Take note of how long it’s been since their content was updated.

It’s not unusual to find that-commerce website to not have a new post in the last 12 months or longer.

Right now you have a chance to overtake these sites on organic ranking, just by blogging on a regular basis. It’s clear that adding fresh content (within the quality scope Google lays out) is a considerable factor with SEO.

Normally this would not be such an issue but for the fact that so many SMB websites never update their blogs. They lack writing talent, or maybe they just aren’t aware of the impact fresh content has on organic rankings.

If you’re willing to create reasonable, original content on your website regularly, you’ll have an SEO advantage over everyone who doesn’t.

Content is king.

If you don’t have the time to blog yourself, hire someone to do it for you.

Content needs to be original Pay attention to keywords and don’t worry about winning a Pulitzer

Be more consistent than your competition and you’ll see your rankings go up. 

Does blogging help with SEO